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Mercury Players Performs At Hall

Mercury Players located in the Cowichan Valley will be a part of Theatre BC's North Island Zone Festival this year, the invitation was extended to them by the organization. They will compete at the festival which will be held at the Rivercity Players Theatre in Campbell River later this May.

Mercury Players which will perform Tempting Providence by Robert Chafe, reached out to the Yellow Point Drama Group to mount the production prior to festival at the Cedar Community Hall and will present the show for two performances.

This is the true story of an extraordinary woman, nurse Myra Bennett, "the Florence Nightingale of Newfoundland." She arrived from England, in 1921, to bring her desperately needed medical and midwifery skills to isolated coastal communities.

This magically inventive dramedy will transport you back to a time when people genuinely struggled to survive. The nearest hospital was days away, so harsh weather, disease, work accidents, malnutrition, and childbirth often claimed lives. You will meet the hard working people of Daniel's Harbour, an outport with a vast, road-less community. "The Nurse" travels by foot, boat or dogsled, depending on the season. Some of her patients are stubbornly superstitious, while others are willing to learn from. From those in robust good health to those in dreadful pain, all possess the grit, humanity and humour to sustain themselves and their neighbours through extremely hard times. Tempting Providence explores Bennett's steely British resolve and then her growing compassion for all those Newfoundlanders she comes to know and care for. At the core of the play is the love story between her and her pragmatic husband, Angus.

Tempting Providence is a powerful, exhilarating play that offers suspense and adventure, as well as funny, touching and endearing moments. It's a chance to know one of our bravest, most socially committed Canadians and to renew your faith in communities where people readily help each other.

Genevieve Charbonneau plays Myra, Mateo Tomlinson plays Angus, Sylvia Swift plays Woman (several female characters) and Rob Foell plays Man (several male characters)

  • Musician: Jeremy Walsh.

  • Director: Rien Vesseur, Producer: Lisa Read, Stage Manager: Leslie Sanchez

  • Costumes and Photos: Mony Vesseur

Tickets are 25.00 (+65 and students 22.00) on eventbrite: but there will be some at the door as well.

Friday Evening Performance May 5 at 7:00pm, Sunday matinee at 2:00pm.



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