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Upcoming Play Reading

Join us for a bonspiel of laughs on Wednesday, September 27th at 7:00 in the YPDG green room at the back of Cedar Hall.  Readers and listeners are both welcome. 


We'll be reading "Hurry Hard" by Kristen De Silva, winner of the 2019 Canadian Playwright Guild's award for best comedy.  Bill and Terry are two brothers who are determined to win their local curling bonspiel.  Trouble is Terry's expensive, high tech curling broom is stuck in the mail and one of their team members has an unusual traffic accident that has him out of action.  Then there's the new guy Johnny who has more muscles than brains and Bill's ex-wife with whom he still has feelings for, he's just not sure what they are.  It all comes down to the final shot when everything will be decided. 


Characters-  3 male, 2 female


  If you have a play you're interested in presenting for a future read please contact Brian March-

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